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> Creating your own ‘Moon Dial' (pdf 368kb)
Instructions on how to create a Moon Dial, experiences to note, a blank version to use, example of a filled-in dial, and a summary of the types of energies experienced during the cycle.
> Decorative ‘Moon Dial’ (pdf 285Kb)
A decorative black and white dial for photocopying and simple instructions.
> Decorative summary ‘Moon Dial’ (pdf 343kb)
A summary dial to decorate and use to show the flow of your energies throughout the month.

> The Keys to understanding & making the most of your cycle (pdf 106Kb)
Seven keys to refer to during the month to help you make the most of your menstrual cycle energies.

> PMS help pdf (127kb)
An emergency PMS help list, suggested Bach Flower Remedies to use and how to make the pre-menstrual phase a positive force for change.
> Using the creative gifts of the menstrual cycle pdf (114kb)
Understanding our four creative expressions and actively using them in everyday practical ways can lead to greater fulfillment and well-being, as well as getting the best out of all your talents and abilites!
> Free your four sex drives! Pdf (115kb)
Are you aware of your four sex drives, do you know how to release them and meet their needs? Meet the four sexy women who make up your sex drive and discover their delights and pleasures!
> Moonmagic for girls pdf (45kb)
With girls starting their menstrual cycle as young as 9 years old, how can we find terms to help them understand their cyclic emotions, energies and abilities? This simple article is designed as a talking point between mother and daughter.


Discover when to do your finances, the best time for a romantic meal, when to ask your boss for a rise, and when you are most likely to become a mother.

Know how to create your dreams, become more spiritual, feel more empowered and how to live in deeper harmony with your body and femininity.


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