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The Flow Mobile phone app

Each month your physical, emotional, creative, sexual, mental and spiritual energies change, bringing you amazing gifts and super-powers. The Flow app, created by developer Lucia Lukanova, introduces you to these fabulous gifts and shows you when they appear in YOUR cycle, and Miranda Gray explains through tips for each phase how to use these gifts to create happiness and well-being throughout the month at home, at work and in the bedroom!

Discover when to do your finances, the best time for a romantic meal, when to ask your boss for a rise, and when you are most likely to become a mother.

Know how to create your dreams, become more spiritual, feel more empowered and how to live in deeper harmony with your body and femininity.

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Available languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Slovak

Coming soon: Portuguese, French, Czech

Why use the app?

  • To discover who you are and understand yourself, to create self-love and acceptance of the beautiful, sexy, powerful, creative and spiritual woman that is you!
  • To plan your month in harmony with your phases to reduce stress and grow in self-empowerment and achievement.
  • To understand your sexuality so that you can feel sexy and satisfied whatever the phase.
  • To explore what makes you feel good in each phase and plan to do it each month so you can create well-being, happiness and contentment.
  • To develop your spiritual nature to bring inner peace, stress-relief, purpose and inner guidance.
  • To track your hormones and temperature to bring empowerment to your fertility for contraception or for starting a family


My energies change?

Your cycle consists of four phases that reflect not only your hormonal and physical changes but also changes in the way you think and feel and changes in your creativity, abilities and skills, sexual needs and spirituality.

There is nothing in your life that is not influenced by the positive and powerful energies that lie in the phases of your menstrual cycles.


Positive energies? In every phase?!

Yes! Your cycle phases give you amazing energies, but to discover them you need to know what to look for to find out when they occur, and then how to use them to create well-being.


When you use your female energies you will feel good!

The Flow mobile phone appYou will feel increasing self-acceptance and love for your body and femininity because you will see in practical ways how positive these energies can be in your life and how they create a successful, vibrant and exciting form of femininity beyond anything you have been taught.

> Get the free iOS app with tips

> Get the free Android app with tips


How will the app help me to discover and use my female energies?

Every woman’s experience of her cycle is unique, so the first steps are to:

The Flow mobile phone app1. Track your changes

Use the The Flow to easily track your cycle and to journal and tag your experiences. The Flow will introduce you to your phase energies and guide you so that you know when they appear. After a few months you will be able to compare cycles and see your changing energies.

> How the app works

2. Use your super-powers!

You are given a gift of super-powers in each phase of your cycle and you need to unwrap them, take them out of the box and use them!

The app offers you tips for different areas of your life to enable you to apply your female powers and discover the well-being and benefits that they offer. Tips include:

  • Description of the energies
  • The best time to do general tasks
  • Sex tips
  • Tips for Mothers
  • Applying your energies to your work
  • Stress relief
  • Meditation techniques

> I want to use my super-powers!! iOS
> I want to use my super-powers!! Android


What’s the technical stuff I should know?!

  • The app is available in both iOs format (i.e. for iPhone users) and in Android format.
  • It is currently available in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Slovak
  • The initial starter app is FREE with tips, and there are also paid-for premium tips so that you can choose how to adapt the app to fit your lifestyle. More paid-for and free tips will be released.
  • For detailed product details see > www.theflow-app.com/

Miranda Gray and The Flow

International author and women’s teacher Miranda Gray is an advocate of the positive energies of the menstrual cycle and actively using them in your everyday life to create a more natural and empowered experience as a woman.

The Flow is based on Miranda’s concepts outlined in the books The Optimized Woman and Red Moon, and many of the tips have been adapted from her work or specifically written by her for The Flow. She will be writing further tips for The Flow to help both women and men to understand and benefit from women’s amazing creative, wise and powerful nature.

With over 20 years involvement in writing and teaching about women’s menstrual cycle energies, Miranda brings a wide range of experience and a deep insight to the content of The Flow, making it an invaluable tool for modern women who wish to discover what it means to be female and to live in a new female way in the 21st century.

"THE FLOW is a wonderful way to help women to apply the concepts in my books to their cycles and to enjoy the amazing benefits that  come from living in harmony with your cyclic nature – inner strength, self-acceptance, self-love, empowerment, spiritual guidance and inner peace."

Miranda Gray



The Flow Phone App

The Flow
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The Flow mobile phone app





The Flow mobile phone app





The Flow mobile phone app





The Flow mobile phone app




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