Miranda Gray

Miranda Gray is a bridge between the worlds of creativity, healing and spiritual awareness and the world of well-being and the workplace.

Her experience as an author, artist, healer and businesswoman, teamed with a consciousness born of actively living in harmony with her cyclic nature as a woman, gives Miranda a unique understanding; an understanding of what it means to be female in a modern world that does not support female energies and female cycles.

Through her writing, talks and workshops Miranda actively helps women to discover their authentic individual femininity and spirituality. Her down-to-earth approach to spirituality offers women a life-changing guide to living in tune with their true nature and empowers them to embrace and express all apects of their female energies.

"Women are like the Moon, we change gradually from day to day. You never see the whole of the cycle; you can only ever see one phase."

Miranda is a passionate writer, spiritual teacher and facilitator of workshops on the cyclic nature of women and women’s spirituality and energies. She supports each woman’s uniqueness, encouraging and guiding them to optimise their own cyclic energies to create fulfilment, wellbeing, goal achievement and work enhancement.

"When we match a task to the enhanced skills we experience in a phase, not only can we do things better and quicker – we also feel great! Our menstrual cycle is an amazing instrument for creating achievement AND happiness."

Miranda is the originator of a growing female spiritual movement worldwide and initiates the awakening of female energies and values into the workplace and business.

Books, training and resources for empowering women


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Go with the Flow!

Track your cycle, know when to take action and live life to your full potential!

FREE phone app for women

I was delighted to be asked by app developer Lucia Lukanova to write information and tips specifically for the app about living, loving and working in harmony with the cycle’s phase energies and abilities.

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Workshop places still available

3 May 2017
Sweden: Stockholm

Red Moon workshop
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6 - 7 May 2017
Norway: Oslo
Moon Mother Training Workshop - Level 1
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13 - 14 May 2017
Spain: Madrid
Moon Mother Training Workshop - Level 1
Contact Mercè talleresmoonmother@gmail.com

17 - 18 May 2017
Spain: Tenerife
Moon Mother Training Workshop - Level 1
Contact Andrea info@espaimimat.es

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All workshops are in English with translation. All authorized Moon Mothers have been trained in a Womb Blessing workshop.

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